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Business Philosophy

Philosophy Statement


Vision: My vision is to meet the personal and financial needs of all stakeholders in a way that creates a “pampered, cared for” environment for all clients and results in future business by referrals.

Mission: My mission is to provide unique beauty, health and wellness products, programs, make-up application and training, wedding officiation, Holographic Health® assessments and seminars, hypnotherapy, Access and Consciousness® Bars® and Reiki training and treatments in a “pampered, cared for” environment.



Client / Customer Service

Honesty / Integrity




Teaching / Sharing



Continual Improvement

Professionalism / Excellence

Trust / Trustworthy

Empathetic Listening




Health / Healing



I will:

  • Exceed client/customer expectations with success dependant on building and maintaining trust.
  • Be honest with clients and only deliver products and services that I know deliver high quality, value-added benefits.
  • Teach and share techniques and lessons with clients on the proper way to use all products and services.
  • Continually learn and build on my skills to meet and anticipate client needs.
  • Maintain a professional aptitude striving for excellence in all products and services.                   
  • Maintain client confidentiality.
  • Provide a caring, empathic, and spiritual atmosphere, surrounding the client with beauty and improved self worth.
  • Ensure that the client feels pampered and cared for.
  • Provide products and services focused on health, healing and balancing lives.
  • Reduce the client stress caused by everyday living.




Unique Beauty, Health and Wellness Solutions - Naturally!