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 Seminars and Workshops Offered


Holographic Health® Seminars - TBA

These classes will be taught at the Holographic Health® Training Center in Kingsport, TN.     For personal apprenticeship and individualized classes, call (423) 239-5628 for more information.

Hypnotherapy – What It Is, What It Is Not, What Can It Do For ME?

This 1-hour seminar demystifies hypnotherapy and discusses its practical use.  A hypnosis session will follow if desired.  This can be presented in a group or individual setting.

Access Consciousness® Bars® Class - TBA - 10am-6pm

These classes will be taught at the Holographic Health® Training Center in Kingsport, TN.  This is the first class in Access Consciousness®.  This is a technique that uses 32 points on the scalp to facilitate ease, change, and personal growth in one's life and the life of one's client. What would you like your life to be like? What if today could be different and more expansive? What if you could bring more ease, joy and fun into your life? Worst case, you'll feel like you had a good massage - best case, your whole life could change.

Access Consciousness® is a registered and trademarked company and name by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer. 

Affirmations & Goals – Positive Speaking in a Negative World

This workshop is designed to clarify the misunderstandings and simplify the mystery around developing affirmations and goals.  Learn why your word is your magic wand!  Workshop participants will leave with their affirmation(s) and/or goal(s) and a clearer understanding of how to develop them. 

Natural Health Seminar – Reclaiming Your Health & Life…A Cancer Survivor’s View of Health & Healing

This 1-hour seminar discusses my personal journey and the importance of alkalizing the body, the use of natural supplementation (vitamins/minerals, herbs, oils) and foods to support health, weight management, and how stress and attitude affect the healing journey. 

Beauty & Health – How to Achieve Beauty Naturally

From softening scars to looking one’s best, this seminar or workshop discusses how to be beautiful on the outside, starting from the inside.  Seminar or workshop length varies depending on the topics covered, 1-4 hours, group or individual.  Topics include: Supplements to support the skin internally; The importance of what one puts on the skin; How to look younger – with supplements, creams and oils, and cosmetics; Cosmetic techniques to enhance one’s natural beauty.


Ann Marie Byars, Medicine Woman